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Dear patients,

Below you will find sources of supply for products that we recommend to you.

The sources of supply are updated on an ongoing basis. You can contribute to this by informing us of alternative sources of supply or by reporting products that are no longer available.

You will find our list of resources here as well as our list at Amazon. All links on this page and also on our Amazon list are listed for your convenience, we do not earn anything from them.

Please always compare the current version of the list to make sure you are up to date!

You can also print this list by clicking on the printer icon at the top of the page. This way you can also select only parts of the text for printing.



***You do not need all the products on this list. Order only what we have recommended in your personal plan.***


In the sources of supply are all the products we recommend and where you can get them.

Of course, you are free to purchase the products elsewhere. Compare prices – it may be worth it.

If you like to use other brands, that’s fine too, as long as the active ingredients are identical. Additives and capsule texture will vary. If you are particularly sensitive, you may want to avoid certain additional ingredients. We have taken this into account wherever possible.

Please note that we carefully compare price-performance when selecting supplements. That is, the recommended products are, in our opinion, the best products at a fair price at this time. Some can only be obtained from, special homepages or from abroad. You will not get them in the pharmacy.

If you choose a product other than the recommended one, please compare the ingredients independently. If the active ingredients are identical to our recommendations in form and dosage (e.g. Magnesium Bisglycinate 100 mg), only the fillers are different, you can substitute the products.

The therapy may fail if you choose the wrong form or dosage of the supplement. Please do not choose supplements with different ingredients, because the form of the supplement is as important as the dosage! Unless you have a known intolerance to the form of supplement, of course.

If you have leftover stocks of old nutritional supplements at home, decide for yourself according to the above criteria if they are suitable or ask us at your next appointment whether your leftover stocks are suitable for therapy. Please ask us only then also for substitute products and not in between appointments.

If you want to order products from abroad (to Germany):

  • Non-European countries may be subject to duties and/or taxes and some products (e.g. hormones) are not approved in Germany and importing them is an administrative offense.
  • Some suppliers, especially from the USA (e.g.,, ship “all inclusive” to Germany, so you can see right at the time of ordering how much the additional duties are. These are due at the conclusion of the purchase, so goods no longer have to be picked up at customs, but come directly to your home. If you order several packages of a product at once, you can save money despite higher shipping costs. However, you will have to wait regularly about 3 weeks for your shipment. This service may be available to other countries, as well. 
  • Packages from within Europe will not be opened, even if a product should not be approved in Germany.
  • If you can get products cheaper in UK or USA, go ahead. You are allowed to import a 3-month supply duty-free from the USA in a suitcase (not by mail) for personal consumption, even of substances that are approved in the USA but not in Germany. Please inform yourself about import conditions. 

Products with a PZN number can generally also be ordered at the pharmacy.

All Sources (Version 01/2021)

Minerals and Trace Elements

Product Source


Produkt  Bezugsquelle
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