Practice for Natural Hormonal Regulation Katia Trost

1. Compensation Agreement

Pursuant to Section 630 (a) Paragraph 1 of the German Civil Code (BGB), a contract is concluded between the practitioner and the patient*. The amount of remuneration between the naturopath and the patient can be freely agreed. The naturopath is not in itself bound by a pricing.

The fee regulations for naturopaths (GebüH) are used as a basis for the usual remuneration. This cost framework serves primarily for the assumption of costs by the health insurance funds as well as for the clarity of the therapy plan, but is not legally binding for the naturopath.

2. Costs

2.1. Hourly fee

The hourly fee is 110 € per hour,regardless of whether this time is spent with the patient or the pre- and post-work.

The patient is given a table with the current services of the practice.

In the future, the services and hourly rates currently shown on the website www.natuerliche-hormonregulaiton.de will always apply.

Patients are informed about changes in fees or services (newsletter).

Irrespective of this, the patient inquires about any changes to the service offer or the hourly rate before making an appointment.

The current terms and conditions are available to the patient at any time on the website of the practice.

2.2. Calculation

For the most effective and individual consultation, the therapists of the practice for hormonal balance and homeopathy need a rework of half to two hours for each patient appointment. In the preparatory work, the therapists need up to half an hour. This pre- and rework is billed on a flat-rate basis and not individually (see list of services).

The consulting fees are valid for both personal and telephone consultations.

Costs for laboratory tests, dietary supplements or naturopathic medicines are not included in the fees.

The practice is subject to VAT (VAT ID No. DE317747384)

2.3. Payment

Invoices have a payment deadline of 10 days.

2.4. Collection procedure

We reserve the right to hand over claims for which a late payment has been detected to a debt collection company. The collection procedure is carried out by our billing agency PAS Dr. Hammerl in private patients, rate payers and patients with supplementary insurance as well as beneficiaries of the allowance.

2.4 3 Supplement for patients with private insurance, supplementary insurance, allowance, patients with 30-day payment deadline

In the following cases, our practice cooperates with a medical billing office (PAS Dr. Hammerl):

  • For privately insured patients who wish to be billed in accordance with the fees for naturopaths
  • For patients with private supplementary insurance who wish to be billed in accordance with the fees for naturopaths
  • Patients insured under the allowance who wish to settle under the fees for naturopaths
  • For patients who want a payment target of 30 days

Patients with private supplementary insurance, private insurance and patients insured with the allowance will only receive an invoice under the fees for naturopaths if they choose the billing office. Otherwise, a flat-rate settlement shall be made.

The billing office endeavours to mediate between the patient and the insurance company in the event of problems with the insurance costs.

The patient registers his/her request for cooperation with the billing office in the above-mentioned cases when booking an appointment. Subsequent cooperation is not possible for appointments that have already been settled.

2.5. Reimbursement by third parties/ payers

2.5.1 Reimbursement by public health insurance funds

The public health insurance funds do not reimburse naturopath benefits in principle. They do not usually make exceptions for reasons of goodwill.

2.5.2 Reimbursement by private insurance, state aid or supplementary insurance for naturopaths – Only for German residents

Private health insurance, state aid (Beihilfe) or supplementary insurance for naturopaths usually cover the costs of treatment by a naturopath. 

But here, too, various clauses, special insurance conditions or tariffs may result in certain fee figures or rates falling out of the assumption of costs.

It is up to the policyholder and the patient to clarify the assumption of costs with the health insurance fund or the aid agency.

The naturopath and also the billing office (PAS Dr. Hammerl) cannot guarantee that the invoiced services will actually be reimbursed, despite careful handling of the fee list.

Invoices cannot be adjusted in advance or afterward to the patient’s ideas, as a naturopath cannot arbitrarily create invoices.

The fee regulations for naturopaths dates back to 1985. Unfortunately, the amounts have not yet been adjusted to the general price trend. Therefore, maximum fees of the fee are partially exceeded in order to cover the stated hourly rate.

2.5.3 Maturity regardless of refund

The invoice amount shall be paid in full on the specified date of payment, irrespective of a different assessment of the medical necessity, medical recognition of the therapies and diagnostics carried out or a different reimbursement by state aid agencies or private health insurance companies.

2.5.4 No free or 24-hour support

No requests for treatment will be answered by e-mail.

Questions about treatment should only be clarified during appointments. In this way, the therapist fulfills his duty of care in the treatment.

The patient has a request e-mail for understanding questions regarding his plans. These questions should be bundled in an e-mail.

The practice is a mere appointment practice. Appointments are only assigned during the specified practice periods.

Each patient is generally assigned the next possible appointment. There is no entitlement to a preferred appointment in case of emergencies. Emergencies are not dealt with in practice.

2.5.5 Address change

The patient undertakes to provide correct address data and to notify address changes immediately. If the determination of address data is necessary, the patient assumes the additional costs.

2.5.6 Duration of cooperation

When booking appointments, the patient does not have any obligations to continue the treatment.

In return, the practice team can also terminate the cooperation at any time. This applies in particular if the patient does not comply with the agreements made under the treatment contract.

After the initial appointment, the patient is informed about the requirements of the therapy. By booking the intake (Anamnese), the patient agrees to these requirements.

3. Therapists

Acting therapist is HP Ulrike Hilpert.

In the future, the patient can also be treated by trained and super-vided practice personnel (e.g. lasers, blood collection) for the relief of HP Ulrike Hilpert in terms of auxiliary work.

4. Dates

4.1 Booking of Appointments

Appointments can be booked online, by phone or by e-mail. Appointments are only binding on the part of the practice for hormonal balance and homeopathy if these have also been confirmed in writing.

Confirmation of the online booking is info@katiatrost.de via the e-mail address. The patient is also required to check in his SPAM folder if he has not received confirmation in a timely manner.

Reservations, on the other hand, are not binding appointment bookings.

In the case of new patients, reserved appointments are only confirmed after the patient has submitted his complete data and the signed patient contract to the practice.

Due to the applicable data protection regulations, the treatment contract with the patient is concluded before the start of treatment. Since particularly sensitive personal data is raised in a therapeutic relationship in the first minute of treatment, it makes little sense to regulate data protection relationships retrospectively.

Appointments for acute homeopathic treatment at Ulrike Hilpert can only be booked online until 6 p.m.the previous day. Appointments received thereafter will not be considered or confirmed for the next day. Dates will only take place here if they have also been confirmed.

4.2. Revocation

The patient has a 14-day right of withdrawal regardless of the agreed cancellation period (see 4.3) by law. In accordance with this, contracts concluded by remote media may be recalled within a period of 14 days without giving reasons.

In order to ensure that the contractually agreed cancellation period is not overturned, appointments from the time of booking can only take place after the expiry of the withdrawal period of 14 days.

If the patient wants to attend appointments at short notice (even during the course of treatment), he waives the observance of the call-up period in advance by means of a patient’s association.

4.3 Cancellation of agreed dates

In case of prevention, an agreed date must be cancelled at least 48 hours in advance.

If an appointment is not cancelled or after the cancellation period has expired, the appointment will be charged in full. This default fee applies regardless of the reason for the cancellation (congestion, child sick, business trip).

The patient can convert appointments booked as on-site appointments into a telephone appointment at any time.

A default fee is also payable if the appointment is cancelled prematurely by the patient.

If, contrary to expectations, the practice for hormonal balance and homeopathy does not meet an appointment, cancels or postpones more than 48 hours in advance, the patient is given the following appointment as a gift.

In the event of a patient’s late appearance, the fee agreements for the initial interview and follow-up consultations shall apply in full and will be settled on a flat-rate basis. There is no entitlement to an extension of the date.

If appointments are combined (e.g. anamnesis part II and blood collection), both dates must be cancelled separately.

The patient is basically responsible for the timely cancellation, should laboratory tests that do not run through the practice but through external laboratories be delayed.

5. Obligation to provide information, obligation to notify and complications

Pursuant to Section 630 (c) of the German Civil Code (BGB), the patient is obliged to participate in the treatment. By filling in the patient’s sheets and personal information, among other things, he undertakes to communicatehis health and circumstances to the best of his knowledge and belief.

He is also committed to personally informing the practice of any subsequent changes to his state of health, as well as about the changes in living conditions relevant to the treatment.

All questionnaires that the patient fills out as part of the treatment fall within the scope of this agreement.

The therapists are obliged to inform the patient about side effects,risks and complications in accordance with Section 630 e) of the German Civil Code (BGB). Although complications are very rare, the patient is encouraged to informthe therapist of any complication. Initial reactions can also occur, such as an initial amplification of pain, an aggravation of the skin or the mind. The patient reports on any reactions and problems that occur during his appointments.

6. Disclaimer

The patient is aware that some of the methods offered, such as homeopathy, are not scientifically or academically recognized and are used in the context of experience medicine. The use of these methods alone does not lead to a treatment error. With regard to the decision to treat non-scientifically recognised alternative treatment methods, the principles of patient autonomy and freedom of contract apply. The naturopath is not obliged to point out his lack of specialist competence should the patient consciously opt for specialist treatment and for a medical treatment.

It will not assume any liability for the actions of third parties. This also applies to damages resulting from cooperation relationships.

7. Duty of confidentiality

With regard to all information and treatments within the framework of the relationship between therapist and patient, the practice team of the practice for hormonal balance, Katia Trost, commits itself to secrecy.

In the case of the treatment of minors, this confidentiality also applies to the legal guardians. Information to the legal guardian shall take place when information provided by the minor patient in the course of treatment gives rise to the presumption that the physical or mental well-being of the patient is not legal guardians would be at risk.

8. Data protection (according to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR))

8.1 The person responsible for the processing of patient data is the practice owner:

Katia Trost, Hansastraße 14, 20149 Hamburg, info@katiatrost.de

8.2 A permanent representative and/or data protection officer is not present in practice.

8.3 Personal data

The personal data of the patient are collected for the purpose of practical health care as well as for the billing of treatment services. They are stored in the patient records. The data are contact details and information on mental and physical health such as medical history, medication, diagnoses, therapy proposals, patient therapy history, etc.

The collection and processing of the patient’s personal data is a necessary condition for adequate and careful treatment on the basis of the treatment contract between the patient and the practitioner.

According to Section 630 f of the German Civil Code (BGB), personal data will be retained in practice for at least 10 years after completion of the treatment. The data is stored in accordance with the rules of the DGSVO.

8.4 Data transfer

The transmission of patient data to third parties only takes place if it is legally permissible or the patient has expressly consented to this. Third parties in this sense may be other service providers (healing practitioners/doctors/physiotherapists, supervisors, etc.) or health insurance.

Staff at the practice have access to the patient’s data within the limits of their powers. All employees of the practice are contractually obliged to maintain confidentiality and to protect data in accordance with the requirements of the DGSVO.

Electronic communication via e-mail takes place in encrypted form and also password-protected in the case of the transmission of sensitive data.

8.5 Patients’ Rights

The patient has various rights with regard to his data:

It may at any time request information about the collected data as well as the correction of incorrect data. Under certain conditions, he also has the right to delete and restrict the processing or blocking of the stored data. Insofar as the conditions for this are met, the patient is also entitled todata transmission.

The patient can revoke any consent given to the data processing at any time.

Finally, the patient has the right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority in so far as he considers that the processing of the data collected is in breach of the GDPR.

8.6 Legal bases for data processing

The legal basis for data processing in this practice is:

– the treatment contract between the practitioner and the patient,

– Article 6(4) 1 (b) Art. 2 f), h) i.V.m. 3 GDPR,

– Section 22 para. 1 No. 1 (b) BDSG.

9. Writtenness clause

Changes and additions to the contract must be made in writing. A possible renunciation of the written form must also be agreed in writing in advance.

10. Invalidity clause

Should any provision of this Agreement be or become ineffective or unenforceable, the parties undertake to agree in their place an effective and enforceable provision which, in its economic effects, comes as close as possible to the original provision.

* For better readability, a gender-neutral address is dispensed within these Terms and Conditions. However, all people are explicitly addressed and no one is excluded.

Annex 1: Pattern Consent PAS Dr. Hammerl

Annex 2: Settlement of private supplementary insurance, private insurance and allowance.

Binding of the right of silence and consent for the billing agency PAS Dr. Hammerl