Are you prepared to…

Motivation & Action

  • Fill out extensive questionnaires with your medical history?
  • Look for the origins of your suffering on all levels – body, mind, and emotions?
  • Acknowledge that any health issue will have a physical and a psychological component and that you will have to address both?
  • Make your health a priority?
  • Hang in there, when times get tough, either because emotional issues are coming up or because you are detoxing and may not feel so great for a little while?


  • Understand that some things may seem worse than before because you need to work through compensations first in order to build up your health from scratch?
  • Observe yourself and get to know your body?
  • Change your diet for 8 weeks very strictly and then stay on a moderate version of that diet for the duration of the treatment?
  • Take a LOT of nutritional supplements for the duration of the treatment, possibly forever? We are talking 10 tablets/capsules per big meal daily here. Proper supplementation is a total deal-breaker – the program will fail should you not be prepared to take in all the nutrients you need in the dosages you need.
  • To stick to our suggestions when it comes to nutritional supplements? We will never have the “one fits all” approach when it comes to supplements. What a person needs depends on factors like age, gender, metabolic type, epigenetic type, level of stress, among others. It is important you do not take supplements on the side, even if they may be hyped to the max on the internet and other places (vitamin D, methylated folate, among others). Taking just one unsuitable supplement can sabotage the whole treatment. We expect you to discuss any supplementation with us prior to taking it.
  • To rethink your habits when it comes to exercise, lifestyle, work, etc.?
  • To work on your psyche (mind/emotions) in addition to working on your body?
  • To take homeopathic remedies? Should you be in treatment with another naturopath, we will ask you to discuss your other remedies with us.
  • To accept “energetic” methods, such as applied kinesiology? We combine objective test methods, such as lab tests, with subjective testing methods.
  • To additionally work with other practitioners to set up proper “wiring” of your nervous system (INPP method)?

Duration of Treatment

  • To give the treatment the time it needs? Integral Evolution takes time. People often begin to feel much better after 4-8 weeks of treatment. However, it takes time for the body to catch up on evolutionary gaps and to heal on a deep level. Very simple cases may take a year (the exception). Most people will take between 1,5 years to 3 years, depending on age, medical history, stress level, and level of engagement, among others.
  • To make regular appointments to follow up on your progress? Typically, follow-up appointments concerning nutrition, homeopathy, and nutritional supplements are scheduled every 8 weeks in the first year.
  • To work on your developmental trauma over the course of the treatment? Trauma therapy appointments are extra and best scheduled in a weekly or biweekly interval. The basic module are 4-8 sessions. Depending on the person, 30-50 sessions as a whole may be needed for a person to reach emotional maturity (commonly referred to being a grown-up). These sessions do not have to be taken in a direct weekly or biweekly succession. Many people have modules of 3-5 sessions throughout the duration of the treatment.

Factors to consider in terms of treatment costs: 

  • Our Fees
  • Lab tests: our first lab test is the Walsh test (about 150-200 Euro if you run it through our practice, international prices coming soon). Only a small part of the Walsh test will have to be repeated after a few weeks.  A few months into treatment, we will follow up with a tissue hair mineral analysis (between 50 and 150 Euro, depending on location). The hair mineral analysis is repeated every 4-6 months.
  • Nutritional supplements and naturopathic remedies: Nutritional supplements (70-150 € monthly, depending on the person and location–prices for nutritional supplements vary a lot depending on the geographical region) naturopathic remedies (50-100 € for 8 weeks, depending on the person and location–shipping costs may be an issue here).

Please understand that we will not be able to give you a more precise cost estimate.

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