My Method

My Method


A holistic approach is the foundation of my method.



Unless this is taken into account, even using a hormone substitute may not give you your desired result. Therefore, my treatment is also very extensive and works on the following principle:


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Regulation instead of substitution!

My treatment plan targets regulation instead of long-term hormone substitution. In some cases, at the beginning of the treatment, it may be necessary to top up the “deposits” of certain hormones. This may often ease hormone-induced symptoms. However, should the hormone level drop again, the body will quickly slip back to its previous metabolic state and the symptoms will return. In some cases, topping up the body with pure hormones may not have the desired effects at all, even if the symptoms clearly point to a deficiency of certain hormones. In this case, this can be put down to factors that are working against the added hormones. These factors are usually the same as those that cause previous symptoms to return after a drop in hormone levels. However, in my opinion, a deficiency or surplus of certain hormones cannot be shrugged off as a biochemical or genetic “defect”. I don’t see the body as a machine that is inexplicably lacking hormones all of a sudden. While hormone regulation is often the missing puzzle piece in treatment, mechanical substitution, or the “right” hormones, is nearly always not. Therefore, my treatment involves a multi-tiered program. Of course, hormone substitution may be necessary if the patient’s disorders go beyond the functional level because they are missing hormone-producing organs.

Root Cause Analysis

To cut a long story short: There are always reasons for the presence of a hormone imbalance. Usually, there are several reasons that cause a hormone imbalance. From my personal experience with therapy, with regard to hormone balance, I have learnt that there are at least three components that are always involved in hormone balance: mental factors, nutritional deficiencies and difficulty detoxing. As long as the hormone-producing organ is still present, you can achieve a hormone balance even without an increase of natural hormones. This is a longer, ongoing process. A hormone problem will always build up over time, even if a specific cause suddenly becomes painfully obvious. As a result, the hormone system is a highly reactive, non-static system.

Beside pure treatment of the hormone system and metabolism, it may be necessary, depending on the case, to treat the immune and/or nervous system separately:


You can find out more information on my advanced therapy plan here.

Personal Responsibility

We always start the treatment by substituting nutrients. Nutrient stores will be topped up. Simultaneously, you, as the patient, should be prepared to dedicate yourself to finding out the causes of the hormone imbalance. You should be prepared to recognize why you are experiencing a hormone imbalance. These findings usually go hand-in-hand with the need for a change in lifestyle. For once person, this may be due to less work, for another, this may be due to a break-up or a diet change. In this case, for me, body, mind and spirit are of equal importance. Therefore, I work with various tools during the treatment in order to address each individual level. Everything is put to work towards this goal, from coaching to testing.

Becoming the Best

Whether you are a gifted craftsman or athlete, or even if you are looking to follow a spiritual path, you will only become the best if you devote your time, dedication, and usually money as well to your plan. The same thing applies to achieving good health! We would all love to have a “magic pill” to relieve us from our suffering. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been invented yet.