Please inform yourself about the peculiarities of regulatory hormonal balance treatment and also about our current fees before making an appointment. This form of hormonal therapy is the perfect one for many patients, but not for others. After many years of experience, we have also decided not to work with certain categories of patients any longer. Through the page “New here?” you can inform yourself about the therapy being offered at our practice.

If you are looking for a colleague near you (in Germany only) who works in a similar manner as we do, you can search for one here. These colleagues were trained by Katia Trost. We cannot give you further recommendations in this regard, so we are unable to answer any questions you may have on this topic.

General information about making an appointment

Every treatment starts with the initial consultation. It is not possible to book an intake session without an initial consultation. Accordingly, the first appointment and intake form a functional unit.

It is neither reasonable nor possible to book the intake at the same time as booking the first appointment, since the first appointment decides how your treatment will be structured for the purpose of the intake. Thus, this is not a waste of time, but rather allow us to make the process as efficient as possible. Our approach is based on years of experience. The procedure described here has proven to be the most reasonable for the patient. Adhering to a certain procedure is an important part of the treatment at our practice. Our cooperation depends from the very beginning on whether you as a patient are prepared to accept this.

Please note that patients may have to wait 3-4 weeks for an appointment.

Please also book follow-up appointments well in advance.

Appointments for acute homeopathic treatment can be booked exclusively online until 18:00 on the previous day. Appointments received after this time will neither be considered nor confirmed for the next day. Please pay attention to whether your desired date has been confirmed, even if you announced this before 18:00 on the previous day. Acute treatment sessions always take place via telephone (more about acute treatment sessions here).

Our practice is an appointment-based practice. Emergencies do not belong in a healing practice, but must be treated at a hospital. Emergencies are those conditions in which severe damage to health or human life is likely. Acute conditions, even if they are unpleasant, are not emergencies.

Blood testing appointments must always be booked separately, even if the costs are covered by some other types of appointments (see Fees). Blood testing appointments cannot be booked online, because these are often combined with other types of appointments.


The first appointment takes place always by telephone or via Zoom. Zoom is an application for teleconferencing, similar to Skype, but more secure in terms of privacy.

The intake session takes place by telephone or via Zoom as well. However, it is mandatory for us to see you once in person, according to current law. However, a blood testing appointment is also sufficient for this purpose.


July 06-07

August 10-14

September 28 – Oktober 2

November 2-6

Appointments for blood sampling are made between 8-12. For more information on the Walsh test, find out more here.

Please note that only a limited number of patients can take the Walsh test each month. There is limited space in the special freight container with which we ship the samples to the US. Beyond the capacity limit of the freight container, we unfortunately cannot consider any further test requests. In many cases, the places for testing are already full for the current month, sometimes even for the next month. In principle, we offer patients the earliest possible test option. It is simply not possible to move the patients ahead in the order (for any reason).

Treatment contract

We need the following information from you for organizational and legal reasons before the start of treatment:

  • The signed patient contract, which also includes the Privacy policy in connection with the treatment. Given that in a therapeutic relationship highly sensitive personal data is already discussed from the first moments of treatment, it makes little sense to sign an agreement later for the regulation of the data protection relationship.
  • Your personal information
  • For German residents only: The type of your health insurance, so that we can perform correct accounting from the outset. For privately insured patients and patients with supplementary insurance, we work together with a billing office; see also Fees. 

To ensure that you do not have to fill out the contract on site at the practice (which might take away from your session time), we have decided to conclude contractual arrangements at the moment of appointment allocation. The treatment contract can be sent to us online in a convenient and legally binding manner. You will receive this after the reservation of your appointment time. You can view the contents of the patient contract in advance here. You will find the terms and conditions here. If you have any questions about the contract, please contact our practice assistant Petra Topal – see below.

Binding appointment booking

Please note that appointments will only be booked in a binding manner once we have received the abovementioned information from you.

You will receive a confirmation of your appointment in writing by e-mail via the e-mail address (subject of the e-mail: “Appointment confirmed”).

Reservations are not binding appointment bookings.

Underage persons need the consent of their parents or a guardian. The parents or guardian will then sign the treatment contract.

 Appointment booking via telephone

If you want to make an appointment by telephone, please contact our part-time assistant Petra Topal.

She will call you back within at most 48 hours so that you can make an appointment.

Telephone: +49 040 41354412.

Please use only this number for appointment bookings, as it will connect you to our secretary. The direct phone number of Ulrike Hilpert is NOT intended for appointments or unexpected calls. 

General requests from people seeking help or advice cannot be fulfilled outside of a treatment context for legal reasons, so such requests for us to call you back will not be answered. For reasons of time, we are also unable to answer reader questions (website, blog, book, newsletter). This also applies to enquiries from colleagues, with whom we can only exchange information within the framework of seminars or supervision.

No commercial calls! This also includes paid cooperation offers, backlink-related inquiries, “guest articles” or direct marketing systems with commission.

Please do not use this number for last-minute cancellations. Please use the mobile phone number you received when we confirmed your appointment.

If you have questions that do not relate to appointments or a treatment at the practice, you can use the number above. 

Appointment booking via e-mail

Petra Topal can also be reached by e-mail at

Please use this address for appointment requests.

Please do not send information or findings about your case in advance.

General requests from people seeking help or advice cannot be fulfilled via e-mail for legal reasons, so such e-mails will not be answered. For reasons of time, we are also unable to answer reader questions (website, blog, book, newsletter). This also applies to enquiries from colleagues, with whom we can only exchange information within the framework of seminars and supervision.

Notice for new patients: Detailed information about nutrition/lifestyle/food supplements and much more will be provided by your therapist in due course. Questions in this regard cannot be answered in advance. Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

Cancellation of appointments

You can cancel or reschedule appointments free of charge up to 48 hours before the scheduled start of your appointment. You can do this by e-mail, telephone or online if you have booked the appointment online. For cancelled appointments on shorter notice, we charge a cancellation fee: see fees.

If you have combined appointments (e.g. first anamnesis part II and blood collection), you must cancel both appointments separately.

You can also use the possibility to cancel appointments by yourself. You can do this within the time limit via the e-mail you received to confirm the appointment.


The address of the practice is:

Healing practice for hormonal balance and trauma therapy

Katia Trost/Ulrike Hilpert

Hansastraße 14

20149 Hamburg

The doorbell is located at the main entrance (Praxis Hilpert/Trost) left from the garden entrance.

Please do not bring dogs or children to your appointment – not even if you want them to stay outside in the waiting area. This always creates a disturbance, no matter how calm the children/dogs are otherwise.

We have a pure appointment-based practice. Please come around 5 minutes before your appointment or precisely on time. Our waiting area is unfortunately not designed for long waiting times. Since we do not have a receptionist, we often have to do preparatory work before patient appointments or after patient appointments, which means we also need to use the waiting area repeatedly.


Here you will find a link to the location on Google Maps.

The practice has no parking spaces of its own. However, with a little luck you will find parking spaces in Hansastraße. Please allow some time to search for parking.

The nearest subway stop (U-Bahn) is Hallerstraße (U1), which is also connected to the main station. This stop is a 5 minutes walk from the practice.

The nearest intercity train station is Hamburg Dammtor. You can reach the practice on foot from there via Rothenbaumchaussee in 20 minutes. The practice can be reached by bus from Dammtor station in approx. 10 minutes using bus line 109 (Alsterchausee stop) or 34 (U Hallerstraße stop).

The Hamburg airport is about 20 minutes away by taxi.

Practice working times

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays: 8:00-13:00 and 15:00-18:00

Tuesdays: Acute sessions 8:00-9:00, and others 15:00-18:00

Fridays: 8:00-13:00

The appointments between 8:00-9:00 are reserved for acute sessions from Monday until Thursday.

Blood tests usually only take place before noon.


If necessary, the treatment can also be conducted in English.