Practice for natural hormonal Regulation

Yes! You can do without: health, anti-aging, better performance, good mood, a slender line and the solution to many cosmetic problems through natural hormonal regulation instead of hormonal substitution

What many people don't know

Estrogen can make women sick, fat and masculine! And men feminine…

“I am actually quite different, I only get to it so rarely."

— Ödön von Horváth

We'll continue in spite of the Corona Virus!

Dear patients,

We’ll continue in spite of the Corona Virus!

Since most parts of our treatment can take place through video or phone calls, we slightly adjusted our therapy in order to be able to best serve you under these current circumstances. 

A good hormonal balance indirectly influences the immune system, which is why you may consider starting a treatment with us at this moment. 

Due to the circumstances, we only offer in-practice-appointments for blood-withdrawal. We will try to make sure that patients will not meet each other. We ask you to come to your appointments alone and with a face mask. 

All other appointments, including the intake, can take place through telemedia (phone/Zoom). Thank you for your understanding. 

For specifics, feel free to reach out through phone or mail (see contact)

Kind regards, stay safe and healthy!

Your practice team

My Method

Holistic thinking is the foundation of my method

If one neglects holistic thinking, even the substitution of hormones will likely not lead to satisfying results. Therefore, my treatment is very comprehensive and follows these principles:

My Vision

Our Potential

Health Practitioner Katia Trost


Katia Trost is a health practitioner and trauma therapist who specialized in the natural treatment of hormones many years ago. Her own history of hormonal problems that no one could solve forced her to take matters into her own hands. In Germany, she was one of the first therapists to know about the substitution with natural hormones and she gave workshops about it for medical doctors and fellow health practitioners.

After a while, she wasn’t as convinced about the substitution with natural hormones anymore. So she started to study different areas of expertise, including physiology, biochemistry, evolutionary theory, psychology, and the nervous system in order to find and resolve the origin of hormonal problems. She found out that hormonal substitution is rarely necessary if one respects the body’s rules. On the other hand, if one sees the body as a defective machine, even a seemingly appropriate substitution with natural hormones can lead to no, unwanted, or even paradoxical results. Her treatment concept is holistic and intends self-regulation of the body and the endocrine system. She chairs a naturopathic practice team in Hamburg, Germany, in which hormonal disturbances are seen as a complex and systemic issue that needs to be treated by its origins, not by its symptoms.

Curriculum Vitae

Born 1980 in Sandviken, Sweden

Raised in São Paulo, Brazil, from 1982 to 1990

From 1990, she visited several schools due to her parents’ frequent relocations

1997-1998 scholarship in Dallas, Texas

2000 high school Abitur in Reinbek, Germany

2000-2001 study of cultural management in Potsdam, Germany

2001-2007 law school at the University of Hamburg

2006-2007 first state examination in law, master in law with the title „Health Practitioner in Europe“

2007-2009 training as a health practitioner at the Medikus Centre for holistic Medicine under MD Jan Arndt, training in homeopathy

Since January 21st, 2009 licensed as a health practitioner by the state of Hamburg

2009 internship in the department of internal medicine at the Paracelsus Clinic Kaltenkirchen

Since 2009, own practice in Hamburg

From 2009, teacher for legal matters and infectious diseases at the Medikus Centre for holistic Medicine, among others

From 2010, training in “healing constellations” by psychologist Nicola Marien

Training in miasmatic homeopathy according to the Gienow Method by Peter Gienow

From 2011, main emphasis on hormonal balance, development of her own method targeted at the natural regulation of functional hormonal problems

From 2013-2014, teacher for hormonal balance for the Verisana Lab, Hamburg

From 2015, teacher of her own method: “Werden Sie Hormoncoach!”

2016 training as a trauma therapist according to the Comprehensive Resource Model

2019 certified as a therapist of the INPP method for the integration of neonatal reflexes

Development of a therapy concept that emphasizes personal and spiritual development named Integral Evolution

April 2019, publishing of her book about the natural treatment of hormones (available only in German)  “Wege aus der Hormonfalle“

Since October 2019, start of the “Hormon-Connection Podcast” with Isabel Morelli of Generation Pille about hormones (only in German)

Find out more about Katia Trost’s projects at